Maximize your Salesforce Commerce Cloud investment.

Blue Triangle is the first and only digital analytics and web performance monitoring platform to integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


“We are proud to be the first digital experience analytics platform to be partnering with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The phenomenal growth of Salesforce Commerce Cloud demonstrates that today’s businesses are seeking a single high-quality platform for managing key eCommerce operations. Having Blue Triangle’s comprehensive suite of digital experience analytics helps users realize even more value in their investment, identifying and addressing real-time opportunities and risks to growing revenue.”


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Lance Ullom, CEO


Our entire platform - fully integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Monitor your web performance, analyze your third-party tags, measure your marketing efficacy, and lock down your site with a Content Security Policy (CSP) - all in one platform.


Real User Monitoring

Monitor every user interaction to identify web performance issues. Calculate the revenue impact of improving web performance, down to an accurate dollar amount on every web page.

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Synthetic Monitoring

Web performance and uptime monitoring from global locations on real browsers.

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Tag Governance

Analyze the performance, placement, and loading order of third-party tags and calculate their impact on web performance and revenue.

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Marketing Analytics

Visualize converting and non-converting customer journeys and tracks critical KPIs, campaigns, and A/B tests in real time.

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Content Security Policy (CSP) Manager

An automated process to build and manage a Content Security Policy (CSP), a browser security standard that helps protect websites from cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and unauthorized ad injection.

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